Modern Stress & Mobile Devices

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6 in 10 Millennials never get to relax because of constant urges to check the cell phone/mobile/smart handheld devices, even when there hasn’t been a notification alert of a new…

10 Ways to Make Your Meal Prep Brain Healthy

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These days, with hectic schedules jam-packed with school projects, work presentations, meetings, errands, sporting events, concerts, and other social functions, who has time to think about meals? Fortunately, there’s a…
Weight Loss Seminar Philadelphia

Free Weight Loss Seminar & Yoga Class

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ATTENTION ALL PATIENTS July 12 and August 9 We have a FREE Weight Loss Seminar and Free Chair Yoga Class! If one of the doctors puts it in your care…
Pain in the neck

How To Deal With Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain conditions are a challenge for any person who faces them. The pain affects your life every day in many different ways, restricting your ability to perform daily activities.…