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If you are searching for Philadelphia or Upper Darby, PA, pain management physicians to help with a sports injury or chronic pain, our team at Art of Pain Management may be able to help. We understand that physical injuries can cause emotional suffering, so we work hard to help you manage your pain or eliminate it through treatment so that you can continue to lead a high-quality life.

It is sometimes hard to schedule an appointment with a pain management physician that works with your schedule, so we aim to provide flexible scheduling and convenient office hours for you to receive care. Our Doctors believe that you deserve the highest quality care regardless of your type of injury, so we strive to provide:

  • Compassionate care
  • Individualized attention
  • Personalized pain management plans

With more than 50 years of combined experience, we can provide quality care for your injuries and pain. At Art of Pain Management in Philadelphia and Upper Darby, PA, our pain management physicians will determine the best plan to try to help you. Call the office today to schedule your first appointment and stop living with pain today.

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Traditional Pain Management

If you are suffering from chronic pain, our Philadelphia and Darby, PA, pain management team can help restore your quality of life. At Art of Pain Management, we will work with your body to help relieve pain in your muscles and joints so that you can increase your mobility, sleep better, and enjoy your days more.

We work by using a variety of non-invasive treatments and techniques to help manage pain. We start with each patient by examining his or her medical history and lifestyle to determine if there are any easy ways to help alleviate pain without invasive treatments.

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Recent Reviews from Real Patients

I'd imagine most of the low star reviews on here are from patients coming seeking opioids and being unhappy when they don't get any. Offsetting it with this review.

Brendon N.3/8/2018

I am so thankful for all you have done for me. I have my independence back. I have my health back. I have learned to live again. This is due to my medication, physical therapy, diagnostic testing, steroid treatments in my back, exercise, and staying a healthy weight. Thank you all.

Susan Correira10/05/2018

I am a patient of of ,Art of Pain Management in the Upperdarby pa area and the Doctors there are very professional and the staff there are very professional in Fred also.They treat there patient's very caring and concerning.They need to.really.greatly be.rewarding to the best at Art of.pain office in the.whole Delaware county. They are a excellent staff there .There Awesome!!! Guy's keep up the good luck and Happy New year.

Sonya H. 1/3/2017

I am a patient at the North East office. They're staff is friendly, efficient and professional. The doctors and nurses bedside manner leave nothing to be desired.They have evening ours and will try their best to accommodate the patients schedule within reason. I've been a long term patient who have been to other offices , which for the most part were pill mills. And I hated it. My visits to AOP are a totally different experience. I also have been referred to other offices trusted by AOP for different issues and the results were the same. I would not think of going anywhere else. This is why they deserve 5 stars. If you are really in pain and you need help managing it AOP is the place to go.

Rashi T. 12/26/2016

I have no complaints. The doctors and nurses do a wonderful job assisting me.

Chris Wilson09/27/2018

The doctors and staff are very professional.

Melvin Meachum 10/05/2018

The staff are very good!!! No Complaints!

Steven L10/05/2018
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