Chronic pain conditions are a challenge for any person who faces them. The pain affects your life every day in many different ways, restricting your ability to perform daily activities. If you are suffering from chronic pain, it is important to know some ways to cope with it.

Learn Deep Breathing or Try Meditation

Both deep breathing exercises and meditation are methods used by people all over the world to help relax. Along with mental relaxation, these activities can help reduce the intensity of your pain. Tension can have a severe physical effect on your body. Take a meditation class or take a few minutes to focus on your breathing any time you are feeling pain.

Eliminate Sources of Stress in Your Life

If you do not want to meditate or do deep breathing exercises, you can go straight to the source and try to cut out the stress in your life. Negative mental states and emotions reduce your body’s ability to deal with pain. Find something that helps you relieve stress and do it anytime you are feeling stressed out.

Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is a dangerous choice in general. It is especially bad for people suffering from chronic pain. People who are constantly in pain usually have a hard time sleeping. Alcohol makes sleeping even harder. If you are sleep deprived it is more difficult for your body to cope with the pain.


Physical exercise increases the endorphins in your brain. Not only do endorphins improve overall mood, they also block pain signals, which will help dull your chronic pain. Exercise can also help prevent other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood sugar.

Join a Support Group

Talking with people who understand your struggle can make you feel less alone and help almost any situation. Join a support group of people who suffer from chronic pain. Not only will you feel connected and cared for, they may be able to give you tips for coping with the pain. If a support group does not help you, consider meeting with a therapist or psychologist. Chronic pain can increase a person’s chance of struggling with mental issues such as depression and anxiety, which a mental professional can help you deal with.

Keep Notes About Your Pain

Try to track the intensity of your pain and what you are doing when it happens. It will help your doctor have a better idea about your chronic pain and your physical functioning, as well as indicating which activities make your pain worse.


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